Protect Your TV For Longer

To protect your TV so it lasts longer, you can follow some simple tips and tricks that come straight from the manufacturer. A properly maintained TV set can give endless days of entertainment for the whole family, so take good care of it! Especially in this era of flat panel, LCD screens and plasma TVs you have to be extra-careful with your set.

First, don’t use strong chemicals on your TV set. This could damage a plastic lining that is present in most LCDs. Instead, use distilled water with some isopropyl alcohol diluted in the mix. Then clean your TV using gentle downward strokes. You might want to also dust your TV and other electronics, at least monthly. In this fashion, you prevent dust from getting inside the TV and messing up the circuits. A very good idea is to clean up your electronics every week. If you truly want to protect your TV for a longer duration, you need a surge protector. Current spikes are one of the main reasons for circuit damage in TVs. The nice thing about surge protectors is that they double as extensions and multipliers, allowing you to connect and protect multiple electronics. This is definitely a must have.

Next, turn off that Wii! The main cause of screen burn for Plasma and LCD TVs is leaving on the video game consoles. Make sure your kids turn off the TV before finishing a game session and also check if your TV has a screen burn protection feature (if found, then configure accordingly). Be extra careful when moving the TV set: make sure you have enough help for the job, put the TV in its original boxing before moving or use lifting straps to make the job easier and safer. Storing the original packaging comes in handy when you want to move the TV set. If you’re moving the TV across floors, keep the base pointing down, use straps to hold the game well, and make sure all the corners are secure. Avoid involving kids in the process and spot a time in which the house would be as quiet as possible, to avoid any accidents.

Finally, use wall mounts and install stabilizing systems. This makes the TV look great and also prevents your kids from running into it. With the huge amounts of money, we’re now spending on TVs it only makes sense to be diligent about protecting them. A little goes a long way when we’re talking about home electronic maintenance.